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Towing Recovery Service After Car Accidents in San Ramon

towing recovery
If you have been in an auto accident in San Ramon, you must take quick action to get your car back on the road. Save Tow offers accident towing recovery. Whether your automobile has minor damage, or you have a completely totaled car, our team of professional and courteous tow truck drivers will come to the scene of the accident and take your vehicle to your mechanic of choice. If you don't have one in mind, we can make recommendations. Did your accident occur during the night? We can help you find a place to store your car until you can get it to a mechanic the next day. We do not charge by the mile. Instead, you can expect to pay a flat rate for our services, whether you need local towing or long-distance towing. We know a car accident is stressful, so our goal is not to add to your stress by overcharging you.

What to Do With a Totaled Vehicle

Whether fender benders or rollovers, car accidents require you to take a few steps to ensure your safety and a less stressful situation with your insurance company. The first thing you should do is to check for injuries and call 911 if needed. If you can, move involved vehicles to the side of the road to prevent further accidents while you wait for the police to arrive. Exchange insurance information with other drivers and then call our towing company. We at Save Tow operate out of three separate locations to ensure that we are able to help as many people in the area as possible. We will pick you up and tow your car to a mechanic or other location of your choice.

Serving Livermore, Dublin and Beyond

If you have been in an accident in Dublin, Livermore or San Ramon, let Save Tow help. Call us at 925-820-6304 to learn more about towing or heavy machinery transport.